The CoronaVirus Pandemic takes a toll and extreme shifts to almost everyone in the whole world. With this current situation, there’s an increased rate of unemployment and it’s hard to land a remote job or any job for that matter. Almost everybody is trying to find ways to earn money online. But with such an increased rate of unemployment, also entails a positive increase in the rate of people who are willing to employ through jobs online. 

Given such conditions also means more competition. In order to land on that job that you eagerly want, you need to have a competitive edge among others. It is not merely listing down your skills and educational attainments. 

You need to sell yourself to your prospective employers. But the question is, how? Worry not. For right now, consider me as your genie online. And no, I will not grant your three wishes but yes I will tell you my three secrets. 

Buckle up and get a pen and paper for we will help you land a remote job you’ve been eyeing for. 

SECRET # 1 Resume

Having a resume is a must in every job application. It is a no brainer that a good resume is one that is brief, concise, and neat. When I say concise, I mean all the skills and achievements that you have should just fit into one paper. Yes, this is not even a secret but what can you do in order to get the employer so into your resume that they will immediately think that “Hey, this is the perfect person I was looking for.” Now starts my spilling of secrets.

You see, an employer wants someone who knows what his capabilities are and how these can help his business grow and achieve higher earnings. You need to tell the employer in the most appealing and brief as possible how you can be an asset to him. Also ensuring him that you can deliver. 

You can follow these three easy steps in constructing a one-sentence that can sell yourself out there. Put what you can help to your target market and what results can you offer. Take this as an example, “I help virtual sellers gain more customers through my distinct and eye-catching advertising skills”. 

And just like that, I assure you that you will receive an email from one of your employers. Now go check and beautify your resume. 

SECRET # 2 More specialty means more job opportunities 

The more you specialize in your job, the more employers want you and are even willing to pay you more. This also means lesser competitions which leads to landing that job. 

The moment that you specialize in one skill only means that after doing that job for so long, you have mastered it already and know the ins and outs of that specific job. This ensures your employer that you can get the job done, efficiently, and effectively. 

Yes, I am not even kidding about the higher pay rate. Employers think of you now as an asset to their company and it only means that you deserve a  rate higher than the others. It will simply show on your work performance how deserving you are. 

SECRET # 3 Join a community 

This might be the simplest trick in getting a job that most people don’t know. Remember that experts didn’t start as experts. They too started without knowing what to do and encountering problems that they don’t know what the solutions are, maybe to the point that they just hoped that their employer would not fire them for not making a job well done. 

Trust me when I say that being in a community with the same people who worked the same job as yours, really helps. A lot. You have someone you can rely on or maybe you can be that someone that others can rely on. Everybody is willing to help one another. Every success is celebrated. It feels like you are growing as an individual and at the same time growing together with others in the community. 


With these top three secrets on how to land a remote job that we provided above, we can assure you that you will have more chances of landing on a job that is perfect for you. Just have your resume in its perfect condition, your skills at the tabletop, and your people-person side to kick in.

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