Talk about sheer dumb luck! In this article, we share three tales of luck and misfortune.

A Michigan Man won the lottery jackpot after being given the wrong ticket. According to the Michigan Lottery, the man stopped at a gas station in Eastpointe to vulcanize one of his tires. Since he needed some change for the air machine, he decided to buy a $10 Lucky 7’s scratch-off ticket.

In a statement released by the Lottery, the man said, “The clerk handed me the $20 ticket by mistake. He offered to exchange it for me but something told me to keep it. I’m sure glad I did.”

The 57-year-old won a total of $2 million.

May the Luck Be With You

Meanwhile, in Jamaica, a man dressed in a Darth Vader costume collected a total of $95 million lotto jackpot. The winner, identified only as W. Brown, bought his winning ticket in early July at a sports bar in May Pen. According to him, although it wasn’t his usual ticket-buying place, he still stuck with the same numbers he often uses.

“Life has always been very rough,” says Brown in an interview with The Gleaner. “I come from a poor family, sometimes I couldn’t attend school because my parents didn’t have it, but I told myself that God will help me one day so I can help my family.”

Crime Doesn’t Pay

Last of our stories of luck comes from the state of New York. A criminal defendant from Long Island tried to avoid a jail sentence by faking his death. But in a streak of bad luck, and some carelessness, the fake death certificate contained a spelling error. This error was a dead giveaway for fraud.

The criminal, Robert Berger, 25, now faces up to four years in prison if found guilty of the supposed scheme.

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