One of the many challenges of being an online worker is keeping yourself focused. Sometimes, staying productive can be quite a challenge. Especially on your off-days, when your mind refuses to cooperate with your intent to cover all of your day’s tasks (looking at you, Monday!) Without a doubt, this is among the worst problems that plague many workers—online or not. Particularly with the many distractions provided by the modern world. So, without further ado, here are some useful tips and hacks to help you focus. Especially on days when you just can’t seem to fully optimize your workflow. 

Avoid social media. This should be number one. A huge percent of all distractions probably come from social media alone. Aside from being easily accessible, it’s so easy to lose time scrolling endlessly on Facebook, or watching random videos on YouTube. If you want to be productive, AVOID SOCIAL MEDIA AT ALL COST! If you have to delete the apps from your phone, do it! Blocking these websites from your computer is another great idea. Can’t lose yourself in them if you can’t visit them, right?

Pace yourself. Working for four hours straight is completely daunting. Looking at a mounting pile of things to do, even scarier. The sheer sight is enough to make the weak of heart breakdown in a corner and weep…thereby, losing more precious time. A cool trick you can try is called the Pomodoro Technique—a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late ‘80s. The technique breaks down work in 25-minute intervals, pretty convenient for procrastinators.

Set a timer. To help you get things done, try giving yourself a deadline whenever you start a task. For example, before starting this article, I gave myself an hour to do research and write an outline first. No more, no less. Setting a deadline helps you remain dead-focused, because in a way, you are also setting a goal for yourself. Plus, finishing within your deadline is a small win in itself. Ah, simple joys!

Decorate your workspace. Motivate yourself to work by designing your workspace accordingly. Follow a theme, or fill up your desk with cute little trinkets. A good view is enough to raise your productivity. If you don’t have your own workspace, make sure to work in a brightly lit room that is far from any form of distraction such as the television or the bed.

Reward yourself. Lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself after accomplishing a goal. It doesn’t have to be huge (like a new pair of shoes or whatever), but reward yourself with things like a delicious snack, or a quick smoke after accomplishing a goal. Remember, even small wins matter. These are just a couple of useful tips to help you focus and ensure that not a working day goes by wasted.

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