The restrained movement we have right now because of the pandemic is quite a burden. It makes us lazy and unmotivated especially to those who are working on a daily basis. Hence, to break the monotony, here are some alternative workplaces for remote workers. These are places where you can work and be productive at the same time.
Coffee Shop

Imagine as you enter the shop to work. You can smell the aroma of the coffee that soothes your tired nerves. The hubbubs of the patron, and your fellow, the ones facing their laptops and doing an online job.

Yes, a coffee shop is a good place to go to when you are tired of the mundane house-laptop routine. Almost all cafes nowadays have their own Wi-Fi connections. It also allows customers to sit for consecutive hours. But whenever you are planning to stay for a while, make sure to have an occasional purchase as a courtesy to the business.

Nevertheless, when you are planning to work in a café make sure that it suits the nature of your work. These shops are suitable for writers, virtual assistants, developers, or any non-voice online workers.

Study Hub

Study hub is a new trendy place designed for students, professionals, and anybody who wants to study and do some work. Some people prefer to work in this kind of establishment because it has lesser distraction and noise. However, this place is limited to those workers who do not require a voice in order to avoid distraction.


The library is everybody’s go-to when they want to study and be productive. The quiet and peaceful surroundings enable you to focus more on the task you are going to do. These days, libraries have strong internet connections and unlike coffee shops or study hubs, it does not require you to purchase anything. You can stay all day if you want and you can bring your own food and beverage. Just make sure not to spill anything or make any unnecessary noise or else you will be kicked out.

Hotel Lobbies

If you are feeling a little bit fancy, hotel lobbies can be the best alternative for your change of location. It offers an ambient ambiance, reliable web connections, and good food to order. However, the downside is that it is quite expensive and there is much traffic going in and out of the lobby.

Beach or Park

The beach or the park is one of those unconventional and alternative workplaces for remote workers to work from. But this does not make an inconvenience on your part. If it is too hot­­­——– look for a shade or bring your own shade. Moreover, it is close to nature so it has a calming effect on you. Just make sure to bring your chair and any necessary things for you to be more comfortable.

Wherever you are is a good place to work if you are willing to work and give your best on your job. Hop on, turn on your Waze, and hustle well. troia italiana rossa figa pelosa pompino meraviglioso.
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