The best thing about working-from-home is that you can actually get to wear whatever you want. Fashion for remote workers means: for women, slipping into the biggest, most comfortable shirt they can find. While for men, it may mean consciously forgetting to change out of their underpants.

But just because you’ve been stuck at home for far longer than you expected, doesn’t mean you should totally neglect how you look.  After all, the way we dress is also a reflection of our current state of mind.

If you’re curious as to what other work-from-home employees wear as they go about their tasks, here are some of the most popular and comfortable outfits commonly worn by remote workers.

Sweatshirts The go-to comfort-wear. For a no-nonsense work-from-home outfit, the sweatshirt is the go-to garment for both guys and gals. Just slip this on and you’re ready to face the day.

Sweatpants. Usually worn with sweatshirts, these unbelievably comfortable pair of pants is not only perfect for work, you can also wear them while doing your other errands.  

Pajama Shirts. These shirts are comfortable but are also tailored enough to not make you feel like a total slob. Plus, the feeling of satin on your skin is pure magic. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep while sitting on your work desk.

Leggings. These fun garments can be worn as basic home wear, or as a workout outfit. Most leggings are lightweight, stretchy, and almost feel like a second skin.

Are baggy jeans and loose shirts too unprofessional for you? Up your home-fashion game with some of these dressier home-outfits.  

Cardigans. Turn that plain shirt into something a bit more formal by adding a cardigan. These pieces of garment are sure to bring a new dimension to any outfit.

Blazers. Just like cardigans but a bit dressier. Blazers add just the right level of sophistication and are best worn in situations where you need to make a good first impression.

Turtlenecks. These are perfect for the winter. Turtlenecks help keep you warm while still looking stylish.  

Time to forget about comfort. Now that the holidays are here, it means that party season is now upon us. Let’s take a look at some trendy Holiday fashion for remote workers. Here are some outfits and accessories that you could mix-and-match at home or outside.

Statement Dress. Whether it be a simple shift dress or a fancier princess cut—a statement dress is the best way to make an impact. Plus, it usually requires little effort to put on. Velvet and silk dresses never go out of style, and will surely stand out at any party.

Chandelier Earrings. Spice up any piece of clothing with a pair of chandelier earrings. Whether made from pearls or crystal, the right earring can bring that added zing to any outfit.  

Black Stilettos. Having a tough time deciding on which pair of shoes to wear with your dress? Black stilettos are a perfect match for any dress. So, make sure you stock your closet with a pair.

Tube Top. A simple tube top can be transformed by simply adding accessories like an opera necklace or another piece of garment such as a blazer. It is another must-have piece of clothing for every woman.

Whether it’s about maintaining a high level of professionalism or simply wanting to dress to impress, it’s essential to always keep a certain type of dignity whenever we choose how to dress ourselves. As we continue on towards an uncertain future, in light of this pandemic, it is important that we don’t lose ourselves to the negativity that often comes with these types of circumstances. 

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