If you are one of those employees who have been working your butt off to finish the tasks given on time, exhibiting an exceptional performance yet still feels underpaid? If so, this article is the best guide to ask a raise successfully.

Most people consider ‘money’ a taboo, however, asking for a raise should never be as nerve-racking to talk about. You just need to be reasonable, courageous, and confident. 

We listed some tips below that will guide you to get the raise you deserve.

Know Your Worth

Check out sites that can help you identify the market rate for your work, as it varies for every region, you need to be reasonable with your claims. Before engaging in a discussion with your boss, you also need to prepare for a specific value to associate your requests such as in dollars or percentages. 

If it turns out that you are underpaid, then you can use the information gathered as a basis however, if it turns out to be on the same level with your current pay then you need to reconsider your request.

Also, remember that not what you research online is always the answer but rather a piece of the initial information that you can ponder on as a first step.

Company Salary Structure

Now that you know the market rate for your job, then consider asking your company’s salary structure. Salaries differ for every job responsibilities and making a bold move to learn more about your company’s compensation practices, salary policies, and salary ranges is the best option for you.

Build Your Case

Present solid proof of your accomplishments and projects where you provided excellent output enough to raise the value of your company. You may present an outline for your work, highlighted projects, and your future plans. The stronger data your portfolio holds, the harder it is for your boss to decline your request.

Wait for the Perfect Timing

Timing is an important factor to consider when requesting a raise. Familiarize yourself with your company’s current pay practices whether they give increases every month, quarter, or year. You also need to consider the mood of your boss and the current financial status of your company.

Be Confident and Gracious

Truthfully, asking for a raise is intimidating however, you are already done with your initial research. It should provide you enough support for your reasonable request.

You also need to be prepared to accept criticisms or honest feedback for your performance. Because what you seem to be the weight of your job may not be in parallel to what your boss has in mind.

So whether you received approval or not, be gracious enough, do not be discouraged, and continue to work even harder.

Bottom Line

Whatever your case may be, always stand your ground supported with solid proofs for your claim. And always remember to maintain your professionalism.

If you still want to know more about tips, guides, and such, check us out at Jobmofy Magazine! We offer daily updates and blogs that you’ll definitely need for your career.

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