With the rising cases of COVID 19, most of the companies have resorted to having their employees to work remotely. It is already part of the new policies forcing managers to work apart from their employees. This is a safety precaution implemented to help reduce the spread of the virus. But, “how to really manage your remote workforce?” is the best question to ponder right now, 

While working remotely is considered to be a blessing for some employees, it can be challenging for managers. They struggle and face difficulties in managing their teams. 

To give light to managers, we have prepared some best practices for an effective and efficient way to manage your remote workforce.

Identify common remote challenges

Managers need to understand the common problems they encounter during these times. If they fail to do so, it will lead to employees’ declining performance and engagement during the process. Some common challenges a remote workforce faces include the lack of face to face communication, ineffective exchange of information, surrounding distractions, loneliness, and more.

Set a Clear Standard

Individual standards vary for every person. It is important for the manager to set a company-wide policy. The day could end with a report from an employee or a meeting to keep track of individual productivity.

Make sure that as a manager, you have set clear expectations and accurate standards for your employees to follow.

Use Communication Tools

It is an important factor to consider using a collaboration platform. Any manager should consider using these tools to communicate and manage their remote workforce better. Some communication and collaboration tools include Office 365, Asana, Zoom, and more. (Check out “Best Communication and Collaboration Tools in 2020”)

Engage Regularly

The huge problem a manager should pay attention to is employee engagement. It is a must for managers to engage regularly and properly in its workforce. It is important to interact and communicate to bridge the gap and make them feel they are a part of the organization.

Trust Your Team

Several companies are still not embracing the current remote situation. It is hard for them to trust a workforce they cannot watch over physically. Matters on fearing that their performance at home will decrease the value of the company.

However, just as everyone is adjusting to the current situation; it is best to combat this belief by scheduling meetings, setting clear guidelines, and effective tools to track the time they spend working.

Bottom Line

Due to the pandemic, we are forced to face and adjust to the current situation. Managers are receiving it harder than any regular employee because of the additional workload.

In some cases, they need to triple their time and manage a task, project, or person and rely on trust that they are going to finish it before the deadline. They also need to see to it that everything is going smoothly to maintain the value of the company.

As a manager, they need to be flexible and understanding of the current and future situation.

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