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Monday, November 21, 2022
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Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sleep 

Imagine this—you’re lying in bed, covered in your most comfortable blanket. Your eyes are closed, and beneath your head is the softest pillow. The...

Malta to Demand Return of Prehistoric Tooth?

Malta is expressing intent to demand the return of a giant tooth. Famous naturalist and national treasure Sir David Attenborough gave the tooth as...

Make-Up Tips for Virtual Workers

One of the best features of a work-from-home job is the bit of freedom it affords. Something not really experienced by most office-based employees....

Climate Change Responsible for Erratic Weather?

The planet’s been behaving erratically lately. Aside from the pandemic currently sweeping the globe, there have been wildfires and torrential rains in various parts...

Mass Elephant Deaths – A Natural Disaster?

Something mysterious is happening to hundreds of elephants, leaving scientists baffled. In May of this year, a herd of 169 elephants was found dead...

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