Job-seekers aren’t the only victims of common online job scams. Entrepreneurs can fall victim to them, too. Thus, in our continuing discussion of this topic, here are some common freelancer scams that entrepreneurs should watch out for.

Fake User Profiles

An incomplete user profile is usually a bad sign. Although not everybody has a social media profile, job-seekers who don’t have a single profile on the internet should be approached with caution or totally avoided.

If you’re using a freelancer website, opt for an applicant who presents a complete profile.

Additionally, be wary of job-seekers who claim to be someone they’re not. This is usually prevalent in jobs that require a particular language fluency. People tend to say that they’re fluent in one language even if they’re not, just so they can have a shot at the position. This is among the most common freelancer scams. eliminates fake user profiles by requiring a user or company to fully verify their identity first before getting to use the platform.


Copyright infringement is a serious offense. However, it’s also one of those violations that are often unwittingly broken. It’s because a lot of people are unaware of how copyright works. Scammers, on the other hand, are perfectly aware if they’re submitting plagiarized work. But they go ahead and do it anyway.

Since almost everything can be plagiarized nowadays, you have to be extra careful. Especially when it comes to creative content. There are freelancers who would readily submit one design to multiple clients. These designs could be original or not. To save yourself from the legal repercussions, make sure that the person you hire knows about how copyright works. Check their written submissions by running them through anti-plagiarism software.

If it is unavoidable to mention or use another person’s work, don’t forget to include proper citations. You can also just buy a license for usage rights, if available.


Another of the most common freelancer scams to avoid is pre-payments. Be careful of freelancers who demand a full payment first before rendering any service. This type of arrangement doesn’t always go well. In fact, it usually ends with the freelancer just running away with the money.

If the freelancer demands payment first-hand, they should be fine with partial payments (50% before, 50% after). For your added safety, has a built-in payment system that allows employers to pay for services through the platform.

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