During today’s current COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual team management gathers real challenges, and you must learn how to solve them successfully. Therefore, we want to talk about common problems of the companies to work from home struggles. The more you know about the issues you face, the better prepared you are to tackle them directly.

So, to give you an insight, here are some companies work from home struggles nowadays:

Struggle with Communication

Communication is the most significant challenge for companies to work from home struggle is that they switched to remote work. When you find a reliable communication method, many of the other problems that come from working from home are solved.

The question is how to communicate efficiently when you have virtual team members across the country, or even around the world.

We are at a time when people feel more isolated than ever. The more you can make secure connections, the better your communication and productivity will be.

Now is the time to use or optimize communication-based software such as:

  • Instant messaging
  • Conference programs
  • Task management tools

You should also clarify responsibilities more clearly than in an office environment. Clarify daily or even hourly what is expected of each employee in terms of availability and communication.

If you haven’t already, you will most likely need to implement a project management system. Keeping remote workers up to date can be difficult. However, remote team collaboration is much easier if you have a central location where all tasks and updates are located.

Building Trust with Remote Employees

Another problem that many companies work from the home scheme is monitoring their employees when they can be thousands of miles away. How do you ensure that all tasks are done and that remote workers do work, make no mistake, and play video games?

The answer depends in some way on the responsibilities of the employees. Some may only need to turn in their assignments at the end of the day; others may need to be available for customer service for a certain number of hours per day.

We highly recommend that remote staff keep track of your time for you and your benefit. The more responsible everyone is in a work-from-home environment, the more confident they will be that everyone invests their time and doing their job.

Note that you can also install specific remote workers’ collaboration guidelines during this time. 

For example, you can request that people register at certain times of the day or submit a summary of their work.

You want to trust your employees, but this can be not easy if you can’t see or hear them for days. Using time tracking software and requesting additional reports or communications can help build trust among employees in and out of the office.

Feel free to request additional security during this time: Excessive communication is better than insufficient communication.

This is a difficult time for us; the COVID-19 pandemic has changed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It is not surprising that such a significant and unprecedented event affects the way we interact, but we can do at work from home express our gratitude for it. 

We need to strengthen ourselves so that we can continue to work and maintain our sense of purpose in these difficult circumstances. When you work from home, you can rest easy and stay healthy for yourself and your loved ones.


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