We have thought about the idea of depression, high intelligence (I.Q), and its correlation. Ever since this question was brought up, people have agreed that intelligence and depression are truly related. 

Here’s a different angle:

It’s better to look at everything from a different angle. The most intelligent people tend to over-analyze their lives, which results in over-worrying, and overthinking.

Highly intelligent people also tend to have a very active inner life, which means that they can be deeply sensitive and emotional about things. These are factors that often result in overthinking, which then leads to sadness, and sometimes, depression. Overthinking can often lead to emotional distortion, and thoughts of cynicism and negativity over time, especially if you lack emotional support and positive experiences from other people.

Statistics show that students with a natural talent for the humanities (subjects such as linguistics and music, visual arts, and performance) and, to a lesser extent, for arithmetic and natural sciences have an above-average probability of developing manic depressive symptoms (bipolar disorder) later in life.

Why? Perhaps they’re more likely to live in their head, with their deep thoughts. Maybe it is the exclusion of increased intelligence in social environments.

It’s more plausible to say that arrogance and intelligence can combine. However, they don’t necessarily have a strong correlation. Being smart doesn’t mean you’re more arrogant, but you can be proud and intelligent.

Bottom line:

Intelligence doesn’t translate to higher emotional or social sensitivity, at least not automatically. Since factors that lead to sadness aren’t “directly linked” to intelligence. Also, let’s not forget that there are much larger factors that lead to depression, specifically emotional or social circumstances and brain chemistry.

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