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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Digital Products You Can Sell Online

As an entrepreneur—or an aspiring one—one of the easiest ways to start an online business is by selling digital products. Digital products are products you sell online. Most don’t have a physical form and can only be accessed through digital platforms.

Now that almost everyone is on their gadgets for the most part of their day, digital products have never been more in demand.

What makes digital products such a lucrative option for an online business? First of all, selling digital products can allow your online business to generate more income. You can even build a whole online business around a specific digital product. Next, most of them are cheap to produce—you can create one product and sell it multiple times. Artists and other freelancers can benefit greatly from selling digital products either as a side gig, or a full-time job.



One of the most popular digital products is e-books. If you’re an author, a publishing house isn’t your only option to get your work published. You can easily publish it yourself as a supplement to your blog (if you have one), or as an independent item. A lot of authors have taken their works to online marketplaces like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to sell them.

The great thing about selling e-books is that you can write about anything you like. Whether it be a cookbook, a self-help book, or a fantasy novel—it’s all up to you. It’s a great choice, especially if you’re just looking for something to earn you passive income.

Apps and Software

When it comes to apps, you can either develop mobile apps or computer software. Whichever platform you choose, you can also decide whether to offer fully paid apps or ‘freemium’ apps—apps that are largely free but include in-app purchases.

Popular apps include gaming apps, business apps, educational apps, and utility apps. While popular computer software includes plug-ins or browser extensions like LastPass and Google Translate.


For hobbyists, especially those involved in the arts and crafts, you can try selling patterns. Contrary to what you may believe, needle art isn’t dead—yet. A lot of people still scour the internet for sewing patterns. Cross-stitch patterns remain popular as well. You can also include DIY videos as a supplementary product to your patterns.

Courses/ Guides

Do you consider yourself an expert on a particular topic? Why not turn that expertise into a paying opportunity? Just like e-books, online courses and guides are also quite popular. Professional coaches can earn extra income by selling online courses or guides.

Online courses and guides can come in many forms—videos, audio, or text. One of the challenges you may face while selling online courses is high competition. While it’s true that thousands of free tutorials and guides exist all over the internet, they’re mostly just rehashed content. If you are confident that you can offer knowledge that is better than the rest, then go ahead.

To ensure success, it is advised that you try to build your reputation as a coach or instructor first. This way, people will see you as a credible source of information and will not think twice to buy whatever it is you have to offer them.

Stock Photos

You can also make money from your photographs. Most online entrepreneurs look to the internet to fill up their website’s imaging needs. You just need a camera, a great eye for detail, and some skills in using image editing software.

You can sell photographs individually or in bundles. Aside from that, you can even opt to create photos for a specific niche e.g. lifestyle, technology, or travel. Graphic artists can also sell their designs and original artworks.

Audio and Music

Artists can also share and sell their work online. Music producers or singers can post their works to be used as accompanying or background music. Another popular option is selling karaoke versions of popular songs and reusable sound effects.

Personal Services

Of course, the last thing you can sell is your personal service. Are you a writer? A digital designer? A website developer? You can use the internet to sell your own services to customers in need of them.

Other professions that are commonly sold online include personal consultants, trainers, coaches, and legal professionals.

Digital products can be created by anyone and are for everyone. Because making money shouldn’t be that difficult. Once you’ve decided on the best digital product that works for you, don’t think twice about putting it out there. You’ll surely gain rewards for your determination and hard work.

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