Everybody wants to look good. Human nature, people would invest in things which will help them appear desirable. And for us women? We all love to be called a “beauty”, and the whole world knows that and think of new makeup idea or ideas just to cope with the trend.

A new trend has been posted several times on social media. Celebrities flood their accounts with pictures while wearing a new look called the “drunk blush”. Truth be told, they are all totally sober. Though they appear quite the opposite. Drunk blush is a makeup idea practiced by applying blush right under one’s eyes and over the nose.

The “drunk blush” is one of the trendiest makeup ideas today. But did you know that the craze originated from the Japanese? They call it “igari” in reference to the makeup artist, Igari Shinobu. Although it’s quite unclear whether Shinobu did invent the look, it was her clients who made it famous.

Also called “hangover blush”, it strays from the ordinary scarlet look, for it looks “more” naturally applied. Like when one gets through an “alcoholic” rush, a flushed face is expected to show up. In the simplest word—effortless makeup idea.

Drunk Blush–A Look for Everyone?

Since the trend has now gone “viral” or has been over the internet, ladies can search for online video tutorials on how to put on the drunk blush, until one becomes a pro at it. Trusted brands are also suggested to assure that once used, better results are obtainable. Using well-suited products should always be taken seriously, for skincare will always be a top priority. Nevertheless, the drunk blush is perfect if paired with simpler outfits, from daytime to laidback nights.

It is true that certain trends, as endorsed or publicized by some top local or foreign celebrities, may greatly appeal to us. Beauty trends are like magnets to the many. But at the end of the day, the best thing is realizing if the new “hue” has perked up a more confident “you.”

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