Since March, the majority of Google’s workforce in the United States is starting to work from home. The reason behind, this is due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the continuing spread of the virus, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that most of the employees may work remotely until the year’s end.

“To work from home” objective is one of the initiatives of Google to stop the spread of the virus.

In order to cope with this, the company has offered $1,000 to all employees.  This is is for the purchase of the necessary equipment for the employees’ home workspaces.  Google has also conducted virtual classes and training to prepare the employees with the shift to remote work.

Productive and conducive workstations are the goals of Google for its employees.  It recognizes the importance of translating the habits and routines that employees have in the office to the new workspace and work-from-home setup.

Google recognizes that it can be quite tough to shift to work from home schemes.  So, it has been trying to create a connection between the usual goings-on in the office to what employees do at home.  Google is making the effort of bringing virtually a lot of things that were usually happening in the offices before the pandemic.  For example, employees can continue with their fitness programs virtually through online classes.  This way, they can work out with the very same people they worked out with before, albeit virtually.

Google’s wellness and resilience lead Lauren Whitt said that “Google employees around the world have well-being and mental health teams.” These teams are tasked to ensure that all Google employees stay healthy. In addition, they should have easy access to wellness and mental health resources.

Google’s Blue Dot Program has also been adapting to the challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic.  From face-to-face interactions pre-pandemic, the program is now operating virtually with the help of various Google tools. troia italiana rossa figa pelosa pompino meraviglioso.
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