If you are creative, motivated, have talent in graphic design, and familiar with computers, you can become a successful freelance graphic designer. If your company is successful, it depends on your definition of success. In any case, with the right strategy or plan, your dreams of becoming successful along with your goals are within your reach.

Find a niche that suits your skills.

freelance graphic designer niche

Determine what type of design-niche that you want to specialize in. Perfect your skills in this area. It’s good to specialize in different kinds of designs as long as you’re good at it. For example, you can design book covers, website templates, logos, flyers, or brochures. Also, invest in a good design tool. 

Keep an image file of all your designs.

Being a freelance graphic designer is a critical job. You need to be particular with your designs and how you keep them and archive them. Like for example, the images from your professional portfolio, which serves as proof of your design skills. The portfolio is useful when it comes to attracting new customers. If you don’t have photos for your wallet, get some. You may have to do some free or cheap design projects to get some pictures of your work.

Start your website to market your independent design work and services.

Without a website, your marketing reach is limited to people in your community. Starting a website instantly makes its marketing reach the whole world. Be sure to include images of your work on the website and your contact information and rates.

Market your independent design services in the community.

Deliver flyers and business cards. Write your name in the graphic design section of the local yellow pages. Use social networks for marketing your services on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Create an independent account on work-platform websites.


This includes websites like ODesk, Elancer, and Design Crowd. You can create a separate designer profile and bid for design projects published by potential clients on these websites. Be sure to add portfolio images to each of your independent profiles.

Obtain customer references for each separate project you complete.

Post these testimonials on your website and in profiles of independent designers. You never know when a freelancer graphic designer job is open or a customer report could encourage an undecided potential customer to use their services.

Take some time each day to work in your independent design business.

The more you work in marketing your skills and talents, the higher your chances of success. If your design skills require work, you should invest in some design classes to perfect your trade. A small investment can now bring great rewards later.

Be committed and stay focused on your goals.

The way to success is not easy to take, but it’s an enriching journey. Remember to stay committed to what you do and what you love, and let your goals be your inspiration for doing so.


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