The closet is one of the things we often take for granted. Just think about what your life would be like without a closet. In a way, this piece of furniture is the key to an organized home. 

Of course, if you open the doors and all the chaos comes out, it’s not exactly pretty, but you can fix it, and you should do it sooner rather than later. We can help with that. Today we are looking at a series of tips and ideas designed to end your frustration in organizing small closets.

Bring What You Need, Leave What You Don’t Need!

If you haven’t used anything in years, it probably isn’t worth saving. As difficult as it may seem, you really have to throw, sell, or give-away the clothing that you don’t need anymore, no-strings-attached! That being said, if it’s an exceptional designer piece, a vintage acquisition, or something you know will return to your fashion life, keep it on the road!

Invest More Space!

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Consider buying slim hangers that allow you to put on more clothes without having to store everything in your small space. Another significant investment is a consistent set of shoeboxes so that you not only make all of your kicks much more accessible than the growing pile on your floor, but they don’t waste any space that original shoe boxes of different sizes could spend.

Try to Mix Colors

The old-fashioned intern in all of us is practically dizzy with the idea of ​​marketing a coat rack. Not only does it look perfect on Instagram, but it also makes it much easier to find everything if we don’t want to flip through each item to find a simple black camisole. Group similar items, such as pants with pants and blouses with blouses, but go one step further and give your groups the rainbow treatment.

Pack your bags

Regardless of whether you use tissue paper, anthers, or any other high-tech option, it is non-negotiable to fill your most valuable possessions. Although we like to believe that you can put valuable real estate on a shelf for your beautiful bags, the reality is that sometimes your home is just the floor. 

It doesn’t matter where you place them, they will still quickly lose their shape. Therefore, it is essential to keep them as well as possible, making sure that they do not collapse. And it wouldn’t hurt to put them in a dust bag.

Learn to Declutter!

Get some time to declutter, especially with your accessories and other non-essential things inside your closet. This means that you have to include the smallest items in your closets, such as sunglasses and jewelry. Keeping your closet clean and free from any clutter is a good way to organize it.

Get a Coat Rack

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For anyone who doesn’t even have a cabinet, a separate coat rack is a lifesaver. Since your wardrobe is exposed, you will also be forced to keep your clothes neat and pretty, rather than in a bunch of avalanches in the closet.

If you have limited space, put a small dresser and shoe rack under your hanging clothes. Accessories like hats or jewelry can be stored on top of the dresser.

Use Modular Shelves

Another great way to make extra room is to get a modular or tiered shelving system in your room. Save the essentials and display the most beautiful outdoor items to use as decoration.

Bottom Line: Organizing your closet teaches you a lot about organizing your life!

If you want to maintain the organization of your home, you have to think deeply if either you want to get rid of the stuff that you have collected for the past couple of years or throw them away. Because either way, you can still come up with a solution to the problem. In the end, it always depends on your decision.

The same case applies to your daily lifestyle. If you want to keep things organized, you have to start with yourself. By practicing proper organization, you’ll be able to do things without any complications.

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