With the advent of the coronavirus, thousands of Americans work from home. Many people find it challenging to focus outside of their typical office environment. Here are some tips to help you work productively at home.

Ask what you need: You want to do everything possible to mimic your typical workspace at home. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer about things that will make you more productive. For example, if you’re more productive at a desk, see if you can take home the desk you use in your office.

Plan your day

If you plan your own time, you can quickly lose track of your daily goals and acquire bad habits, for example: if you watch too much television before starting work. This type of oversight can derail the entire day, so you must deal with clear and sustainable planning.

  • We highly recommend a daily to-do list. In an office, an organization occurs simply because someone assumes responsibility at the site. If you are alone, you must become your manager. Meeting a series of goals is a great way to plan your time.
  • Planning ahead is also helpful. If you work alone, you may need to collect information from other colleagues. Going to your desks is not an option. Therefore, you should try to identify these tasks and plan them in advance so that you do not get stuck and wait for other people.
  • Above all, we would like to ask you to stick to your schedule. This gives you a clear time frame and helps you avoid the sloppy habits mentioned above. You can also reward yourself by turning off your laptop once you have finished your daily routine.

Team communication is key

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Remember, when you’re away, other team members can’t see you in person. Therefore, you should continue to provide information about your status and progress, but so that you can focus on your work.

To achieve this communication flow, we recommend using a combination of synchronous or active tools (like Slack) and asynchronous tools (like Asana or Trello). If you use email, the mess can happen very quickly.

  • Use the chat tool to let your team know when it’s available and when it’s not.
  • However, don’t obstruct the chat with unnecessary interruptions. For non-urgent things, use the asynchronous tool to set tasks that you can do on your own time.
  • Share as much information as you can with Google Docs or something similar. The more information they have available, the less they need to contact you to ask.
  • It is essential to create a calm work environment that creates a unique atmosphere for your leisure space and allows you to switch to work mode. We recommend that you keep a specific job and make sure to keep it as distinctive as possible.

Establish a routine

Establishing a work routine is crucial not only for your work productivity but also for your mental health. Create a morning routine so you can make a transition to your workday. Wake up at least ten minutes before starting work to prepare yourself mentally and physically for your day. Get dressed, take a shower, eat breakfast, and take a break for lunch. Also, assign yourself an end time. While you cannot leave your office, you must have limits when you can and cannot work. Log out, turn off your computer and see that your workday is over.


Sitting is the new smoking. Countless studies show that walking and taking regular breaks while sitting at your desk can improve your physical health and improve concentration.


Decide on a place to work

You have to decide on where to specifically work in your home. It is best to work at a desk or table. The most important place you don’t have to work is your bed. Your brain must know that your pearl is for two things, sleep and intimacy. When you start working in bed, how should your mind know when you go to bed at night to have eight hours or make a conference call?

Have ground rules with your roommates

Make sure the people who live with you know when you work. If they can come to you at any time, they will never do anything. Don’t let other people think that what you are doing can be left at any time to do things around the house just because you are at home.

Know your weaknesses

Recognize your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect your work from home. If you’re a remote worker, set alarms to make sure you take breaks. If you are too relaxed, set a strict schedule for yourself. Wake up early, shower, get dressed, and start working. Know what distracts you. If you’re a TV person, you don’t have your favorite show in the background. On the other hand, for those who hate silence, you must play background music.

Our Final Verdict 

Remote working is definitely not easy. Working every day at home without enough productive time for yourself is not healthy; that’s why it’s imperative that you will always give yourself some time to relax. You should always balance work and life as a remote employee because that’s the key to success and the only way to maintain your health. Our best regards to you, from the Jobmofy Team!

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