One of the best features of a work-from-home job is the bit of freedom it affords. Something not really experienced by most office-based employees. However, this doesn’t always mean that work-from-home employees should abide by this freedom. For example, just because you don’t get to see your co-workers often besides during virtual meetings, doesn’t mean you should neglect how you dress. You should always look presentable, even during virtual meetups. Here are some make-up tips you can follow to keep looking your absolute best–even while at home.

Keep it simple. 

Staying indoors for long periods can make your skin look pale. To still look alive and well (instead of looking like a zombie) add color to your skin by applying a little blush, mascara, and lipstick. You don’t have to choose a heavy color like blood-red lips or magenta cheeks, a light pink blush, and a little lip gloss is enough to enhance your natural features.

Paint a picture of perfect health.

Let’s face it. Working from home brings out the worst in us when it comes to personal grooming and hygiene. For ladies who aren’t too keen on applying make-up, you can focus on looking healthy instead. Look less like the undead by covering those dark circles with concealer. Even out your complexion by applying a tinted moisturizer or CC cream.

Use lighter colors.

If you’re into darker colors, consider toning them down by going with something lighter to create a softer look. Dusky colors tend to come across as too dark on camera. So, instead of black eyeliner, use one in a brown shade. Instead of dark red lipstick, opt for something orange or pink.

Remember, no matter where the setting is, we should always maintain a high level of professionalism. This is to remind our colleagues that we are still to be taken seriously and to remind ourselves that we are still at work after all.  

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