To help your online business prosper, one of the things you have to focus on is digital marketing. However, not all digital marketing tactics are effective. Some end up just being a waste of your precious time.

Here are some marketing tactics that you should definitely skip doing.

Stop wasting time collecting backlinks.

According to SEO’s best practices, collecting backlinks is important. Especially if you want to rank on the top of a search engine’s results pages. After all, backlinks are essential elements of Google’s algorithm for deciding which websites should rank. Right?

However, due to the sudden rise of websites that are made solely for backlinking, the tides have changed. Now, for a website to rank, the backlinks should be of quality, too. Furthermore, a link from a high-quality website can help boost your ranking. Links that are high-quality comes from websites with a high Domain Authority score.

Using several accounts in the same social media network.

Another thing that you should definitely avoid is creating multiple accounts. Well, having multiple social media accounts on different platforms is not a problem. Having multiple accounts on the same platform, not really a good idea.

First of all, you’re only adding more to your pile of work. Remember, having one main account is better than having several others.

Using several social media networks.

Yes, social media marketing is an effective platform to promote your online business. However, if you divide your attention too much, it may not work efficiently.

Effective promotion depends a lot on quality content. And most of the time, content you share on one platform may not be as effective on another. The result? You have to create multiple versions of the same content. If you’re running after a deadline, you can neglect to produce quality content. Imagine how you’ll do if you manage several social media accounts.

The best advice? Choose two social media accounts to focus on. For example, Twitter and Youtube or Facebook and Instagram. This way, you can promote better and produce high-quality content. troia italiana rossa figa pelosa pompino meraviglioso.
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