Working an online job that allows you to stay at home and choose your own schedule may sound too good to be true. At least, to those who have yet to secure one. If you’re thinking about quitting your office job for an online one, you may be having some questions. Questions like ‘Are work from home jobs legit’?

The short and truthful reply is—YES! Work from home jobs are real. Working from home has been around for a long time. It’s not just some scheme that came about due to the current coronavirus pandemic. So, if you’re keen on getting an online job, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Keeping Alert—How to Avoid Being Scammed

When you apply for an online job, most employers will require you to give out some personal information. Important information includes your name and contact information. Once you get hired, companies may ask for your payment details.

Although it’s easy enough to find online opportunities, not all of them are real. Remember, online jobs require the internet. And the internet is not a safe space, thanks to the hundreds of scammers just waiting for their next victim. Once you start looking, you have to be alert. To help you protect yourself from this type of danger, here’s what you should do:

Be vigilant.

Always be on the lookout. If an online job opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Online companies are just like regular companies. Some may offer amazing benefits, while others may offer just the bare minimum. Just remember, if a company seems to be doing its best to appear like a legitimate company—they probably aren’t. Again, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Never hand out personal information freely.

As mentioned earlier, hiring companies will always ask for your personal information. However, not all will ask for more intimate information such as your pins and passwords. It’s fine to give out your contact information—email address, phone number, home address. For your bank details, be extra careful. Only give it out if you’re expecting payment, or if the company finally hires you.

Don’t be too generous with your services.

Some companies may require you to do some tests as part of the hiring process. For example, writers and graphic designers may be asked to provide samples of their work. Another option is doing free tests. Writers may be asked to write a new article, and artists may be asked to submit a new design. For writers, it’s okay to submit an unpaid sample article of 200-300 words. If your potential employer asks for something longer—around a thousand words or more—approach with caution. Consider offering an existing work instead, or have them pay for it.

Where to Search for Available Online Work?

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