Going for the option of employing yourself to one of the online jobs has been gaining traction in the recent decade. More and more people have been ditching the dreary routines that usually come with regular office jobs.

For one, saying goodbye to the tedious daily commutes and nerve-wracking traffic gives a person more quality time for oneself and family. Moreover, as the world faces the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, working online jobs is the new normal.

A significant percentage of job seekers begin their search for possible jobs online. And why not? It beats the hassle of going from one building to another and traveling from one place to another just to hunt for jobs and submit applications. By going online, one can readily find available jobs at their fingertips, and submitting application letters and resumes is a breeze through email. There are also many job sites that can help job seekers land a job.

However, going online to look for work is also replete with risks. One can never be too careful lest you want to be victimized by any job scam, fraud, or identity theft. The technology works both ways – it may be easy and fast to find jobs online nowadays but it is also easy and fast for scammers, fraudsters, and identity thieves to prey on their unsuspecting victims.

Moreover, the very same laptop or computer that you use to hunt for jobs is usually the same one that you use to access your social media accounts, to store personal files, and to do some online shopping. Therefore, protecting your personal data is a must!

Here are some things you may want to consider if you want to safeguard your personal data online if working online jobs:

Job Site


If you are planning to register or sign up on a job site, make sure that it is reputable. You can check the users’ reviews and you can easily search for this information online. The job site must also have a physical address and legit contact number, preferably a landline phone number. Don’t go about registering for each and every job recruiting site you find without ascertaining its legitimacy.

Never ever divulge important financial and personal information, especially on your profile. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. Many of these job sites also give you flexibility in setting the privacy settings of your account so that you have control over who can see your profile.

Also, remember to set a secure password that you can easily remember but do take note to avoid usual passwords like names and memorable dates. And most importantly, cliché as this may sound, never divulge your password to anybody, ever.

Curriculum Vitae

When you post your profile online, prospective employers can check your profile and peruse your Curriculum Vitae. As you can never be too sure that every employer you applied to is legit, do not include your important personal details in your CV, like your birth date, social security number, passport details, and the like.


There may be instances when you receive an email from somebody who claims to be a potential employer and claims to have seen your profile or resume on a certain job site. Think; did you really have an account on the job site mentioned? Be careful and don’t just click any link provided in the email. Beware of scams and phishing.

safe online jobs

Also, check the email address. More often than not, legitimate employers use their business email accounts for official communications, with their company website address as the email’s domain name.

There are prospective employers from startup companies and do not have business email accounts yet. You can always check online to research the company or the prospective employer. You can also ask for more details. Legitimate employers of work-from-home jobs should be able to respond to queries about their respective company and business.

Social Media

It would be prudent to separate your online professional accounts from your social media accounts. As much as possible, keep separate email addresses for business and personal purposes. It would be good to have an email address that you can solely devote to your job searches online. Besides, a professional email address will surely make a good impression on your future boss.

Remember, your identity and personal data are important. A few yet simple precautions can go a long way in protecting yourself and your important information. Safeguard it at all times and make sure that your firewall and antispyware/antivirus apps are up and running before going online.

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