Samer Mohamad – A Minute With Mr. Promotion

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When it comes to success stories, you’d almost often hear a rags-to-riches kind of situation. An almost cliché plot that involves lessons of perseverance, determination, and a little bit of grit. Then comes Samer Mohamad.

The interview is done online, and without the conveniences presented by a one-on-one encounter, it’s quite difficult to accurately gauge a first impression. At first glance, Samer comes across as quite stern. His demeanor, even intimidating. However, there is also a strange, unexplainable warmth about him. After formalities are exchanged, we proceed with the first question—What is it that you do?

Samer takes a sip from his canned energy drink and with all seriousness, replies, “What do you want to hear exactly?”

This is Samer Mohamad, also known as Mr. Promotion. He is a passionate seller and is one of the most famous social media professionals in Germany at the moment.

“What I do? My passion is to have other people grow up over social media,” he says.

“All the people stay on this device all day,” Samer adds, holding up his phone. According to him, many people tend to spend hours scrolling through social media and just looking at other people. This wasted time can be used to earn money instead. Though many people have, indeed, thought about using social media to earn, they all end up having similar problems—not knowing where to begin.

“My part is to help people. Doesn’t matter from which country you come, which religion you have…which school you visited. I want everybody to have the chance to build a home-based business over the net, all over the world. This is my passion,” he says.

As a successful social media entrepreneur, Samer is—in layman’s terms—an influencer himself. But instead of serving content that are purely for vanity’s sake, Samer chooses to produce content of value.

Most of the businesses that use social media only do so for marketing purposes. In the end, the main goal is always to sell a product. For Samer, an online business shouldn’t always be about selling, especially if you’re offering knowledge.

“Give all what you know. Give it for free… I don’t sell information. I share the information.”

The information almost takes us aback. Quite hard to believe, especially for a salesman, that he would have this mindset. Suddenly, an inkling feeling that the man in front of us was no ordinary man starts to seep in. 

We ask—Who influenced you to come up with that perspective?

Samer is thoughtful, as though hesitating. What he reveals next is shocking. “I crashed so [heavily] that I became, over nine months, homeless.”

He then proceeds to tell us a little bit about his family. When Samer was four, his family emigrated from Syria to Germany. Being the eldest of six children, Samer felt the most pressure to find success greater than what his parents have achieved.

His path to success was rocky as it was tumultuous. Before he became the person he is today, Samer dabbled in selling things like computer hardware and healthcare. But it seemed that Lady Luck had turned her back on him. Samer’s initial businesses failed, and he ended up in spectacular debt.

“If I share this story to people, they’ll think it’s a crazy story,” Samer says. “How is it possible that in one of the richest countries in the world, in Germany, it’s possible to become homeless?”

Samer describes this phase as the biggest crisis of his life. “I can’t look at the eyes of my father or my mother because of all the things that he has given me, the trust, I’ve broken it.”

After finally admitting his failure to his mother, Samer decided that he had to start again. He wouldn’t let this failure deter him from finding success. He found a job selling contracts in electronic shops, and from there, his life grew better.

For inspiration, Samer cites Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs. He also cites Tony Robbins’s book, Unleash the Power Within as one of the books that have changed his life.

“You must believe in yourself, then other people will believe in you,” Samer states as one of the precious lessons he has learned during those trying times.

Now, Samer Mohamad is in charge of a vast digital empire that employs people from all over the world.

The mood is light now, and the somber man we have met earlier is all but gone. True, first impressions never do last. We ask next—What advice can you share for other business-minded people out there?

His eyes twinkle, “First, have an idea.” Every business always starts with a solid idea. For an online business, Samer suggests starting with affiliate marketing.

The next tip has something to do with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. “Use the features that the platform gives you,” he says. According to Samer, there may be a lot of tools offering additional services that promise to enhance user experience. However, most of the time, these are just marketing scams. “I tested it all, it’s bullshit.”

Lastly, Samer Mohamad states how important it is to continuously update your skills, especially if you want to improve your life.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are. New skills can change your life. If you don’t want to do it for you, do it for your child. If you don’t have a child or partner, do it for society. Do it for your country.”

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