With how things are going at the moment, it seems unlikely that the situation of the world will be improving soon. Communities around the world are either in total or partial lockdown. Although some people are lucky enough to leave their homes, many remain confined in theirs. However, being kept in isolation doesn’t mean we have to let go and forget about everything. Like our health and well-being, for example.

Here are some simple exercises you can do in the confines of your home. A word of caution though. Simple as they may seem, these exercises can really work up a sweat after a few minutes.


simple exercise step-ups
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Step-ups work the muscles in your legs and buttocks. This exercise helps improve strength and resilience. Especially if you’re a runner or a cycler. To do this, you will need a step to act as resistance. You can use a low bench, or if you’ve got stairs in your home, you can use a stair-step—anything sturdy enough to take your weight.

To begin, stand in front of the step. Take a step up with one foot, followed by the other. Then, step down with one foot, followed by the other. Repeat.


simple exercise like planking

This is the easiest exercise you can do at home. It’s simple, and you don’t need anything. Except, maybe, for a few towels to protect your elbows, or an exercise mat to keep your whole body comfortable. The plank is an excellent core-strengthening workout.

To begin, lie on your stomach, arms parallel to each other, toes on the floor. Now, slowly engage your abdominal muscles and raise your body from the floor. Use your toes and arms as support. Keep your body straight. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds. Release and repeat as many times as you wish.



Many forget that skip-rope isn’t just a children’s game. In fact, it’s one of the best cardio exercises. Skipping also strengthens the upper and lower body. Plus, it burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. To do this, you can use a jump rope or nothing al all.

To begin, start jumping continuously for at least a minute–with or without a rope. Try not to jump on carpets or grass. They tend to grab your shoes and may cause you to fall and twist your ankle or knee.

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