Who doesn’t love food, right? Food is one of the few common denominators we have as people. In fact, now that most of the world is either on quarantine or lockdown, a lot of people have started to tap into their cooking skills. Perhaps, to help ease the boredom. Aside from the cool meal plan ideas and fitness tips we share, here are some strange food facts that you will surely find interesting.

First of all, did you know that there are different kinds of vegetarians?

A vegan only eats plant food. Animal meat, eggs, and dairy products are off the menu for vegans. In other words, if it comes from an animal, it’s off limits! So, no honey as well. Then, there are lacto vegetarians who do not eat animal meat but will eat dairy products and plant food.

Next, a lacto-ovo vegetarian will eat the same things as a lacto vegetarian. However, they also eat eggs. A fruitarian will only eat fruit, nuts, and any type of seeds. Lastly, a pesco vegetarian will not eat red meat. But they can eat chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy products. Whew! That’s a lot to remember!

Sweet potatoes and yams may look similar, but they are not the same.

Sweet potatoes are some of the plants indigenous to Central and South America. The color of sweet potatoes varies from white to orange to purple with orange being the most common in the USA. Sweet potatoes are generally sweeter than regular potatoes.

Yams, on the other hand, are native to Africa and Asia. They are much larger than sweet potatoes and can grow up to fifty kilograms in size. Yams are less sweet and their bark-like skin can be difficult to peel. It is uncommon to see yams sold in North America.

In Japan, you can enjoy this strange food that is deadlier than cyanide.

Fugu is a strange food.
Photo by HikoPhotography/ Shutterstock.com

Ever wondered what the food equivalent of Russian roulette is? In Japan, gastronomic daredevils can try fugu, or pufferfish. This fish contains a deadly poison that is powerful enough to kill an adult man in minutes. Parts of the fish—its eyes, skin, liver, intestines, kidneys, ovaries—contain tetrodotoxin, a toxin that attacks the central nervous system.

Tetrodotoxin is a thousand times more deadly than cyanide. It is one of the most toxic substances in the world. In fact, every year, around 20 people suffer from fugu poisoning, and a few of them have died. Fugu is so dangerous, that chefs have to obtain a special license before they can prepare it. Despite this danger, this strange food remains to be one of Japan’s most popular dishes.

Have you heard about the most expensive food in the world?

The Yubari King is a type of cantaloupe. It grows in the city of Yubari, in Hokkaido and is considered as the most expensive fruit in the world. Since Yubari King are often sold in pairs, they are extremely in demand during Ghost Month as they are used as gifts.

In fact, one pair sold for 1.6 million yen once, which is equivalent to around $10,000. Not only that, another pair even sold for 2.4 million yen during an auction. That is equivalent to $23,500!

The most expensive spice comes from a flower.

Edible flowers have been a thing since time immemorial. We use them for tea, we mix them in salads, and we even blend them into smoothies. We also use them to provide our food with unique and special flavors. In fact, the most expensive spice in the world comes from a flower.

The crocus flower is native to North Africa and the Middle East.  Aside from its uses in medicine, it also produces saffron. One gram of saffron needs around 150 crocus flowers and an intense amount of labor. It’s no wonder that a kilo can cost around $11,000, while a pound can cost around $5,000.

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