So, what are the types of digital products, and how do you make one? As we evolve with technology and e-commerce, we’re gaining more access to digital products and the likes. 

Digital products are introduced along with technology’s rise in the market scene. Nowadays, these digital products are more comfortable producing, because we’re given the right tools and applications to make them. So, what are they exactly? Here’s what you need to know!

1. Electronic books

The advent of devices like e-readers and smartphones has skyrocketed the demand for e-books. Readers no longer have to lug around bulky physical copies of their favorite books and can instead open an electronic version directly from their smart device.

The growing acceptance of e-books also offers established and emerging authors a unique opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are creating research reports, guides, or books. Advances in e-commerce allow authors to publish their work themselves without having to work with an editor.

2. Audio files and music production software

Audio has always been a powerful medium for communicating news. With the growing consumer preference for video, we are now placing even more emphasis on audio tracks’ value in telling stories and conveying information.

Some examples of audio files and audio software currently sold online are:

  • Reusable sound effects and adlibs
  • Audiobooks
  • Music samples
  • Recorded lectures
  • DJ software

3. Games

Both independent and experienced game developers can benefit from the ability to sell their games directly to customers. Traditionally, developers would list their games on the marketplaces or work with publisher studios to get their titles from retail stores. One of the disadvantages of this distribution model is offering intermediaries (market and publishing studios) a part of the game’s sales. Selling directly on your eCommerce website can protect profit margins by keeping more sales in your pocket.

4. Photography

Like e-books, digital images are among the first digital assets sold on the internet. In 2012, Shutterstock licensed more than 70 million photos, vectors, and other digital images. With the widespread use of images for web design and blogging, there will continue to demand premium, high-quality photography.

5. Video

The video seems to be all anyone can talk about right now, and it’s easy to see why. With the advancement of technology, even our smartphones can record videos that you can share with the world. Another great advantage of selling videos is that a video can have a much higher engagement rate than text alone. This makes it easy for viewers to read your content as all they have to do is click play.

So, which digital product do you prefer?

All of us have different skills, and with each skill, comes a corresponding digital product that we’re more capable of producing. Whether you like writing ebooks or creating videos, it’s all up to your type of niche and how you’re going to work it all out to make a good presentation in the market. Our advice for you is to stay focused, and stay determined, and you’ll find success in no time!

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