Working with remote workers poses a lot of challenges. Not just for the employer, but for the employees as well. Aside from managing the differences between time zones, another challenge is measuring productivity. So, how do you measure productivity? This has always been one of the biggest issues when it comes to outsourcing. And one of the solutions to this problem is using a time tracking software.

Pros and Cons

Time trackers allow employers to keep track of their employees. Besides keeping track of time, it also keeps an eye on—everything else. In fact, for employers, time trackers may be one of the best investments they could ever make. But for employees? Well, it’s kind of a different story.

A lot of workers view time trackers as invasive, and more as a hindrance to productivity. Especially those with the automatic screen-capture feature which tends to capture, well, everything on the screen. Here’s the thing, online workers are normal people. And normal people don’t necessarily spend all of their time glued to their screens while at work. Now and then, breaks need to be taken.

Having a time tracker is like having Big Brother breathing on your neck. Every move you make is recorded. Since most screen-capture features are automated, employees can never tell which moment is being captured and sent to employers to check.

What if Employee A was simply checking out adorable cat pictures as a way to let off some steam from all the stress? Also, knowing that someone is continuously watching your every move can be nerve-wracking. This is why a lot of workers (online or not) often feel pressured than relaxed when their supervisor is present. That’s because it’s human nature to feel rattled when in the presence of superiors.

You can effectively measure productivity through output. Is an employee churning out less output than usual? That could be indicative of something wrong. This is also why it’s important to build a relationship with your team.

From an employer’s perspective, a time tracking tool is a necessity. Especially for keeping records. And in the end, employing one will always depend on preference. But it doesn’t mean that everyone would be comfortable with using it.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Here at Jobmofy, we aim to make life easier for both employers and employees. That’s why we have included a time-tracker. Whether you use it to simply keep track of the hours spent working, or to measure overall productivity, it’s all up to you. Sign up now!

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