Whether we like to admit it or not, at some point we try to finish all our to-do’s even those from last week, in just one sitting. We tend to do this even more often because of this one thought that goes “Hey, I did all of this last time in just one day and even got an A. Maybe I could still get the same results if I procrastinate these new set of tasks again”. Then there goes the betrayal from that thought and constantly asking ourselves how to boost productivity. 

You see, the more we procrastinate means the more unproductive we could be. It can affect our working ethics in the long run and may also become one of our habits.

So how does this affect being efficient in the business world? The human workforce is the most crucial factor in making a business go big or go home. With this in mind, there should be a meticulously curated plan to counter this dilemma. 

Here are some business hacks to boost productivity in order to level up the working game as an individual and collectively as an organization. 

Project Management Tools

With the undeniably higher rate of technological advances, there are a dozen tools you can choose from in order to manage time efficiently and effectively. Having chosen the perfect one for you and your team leads to many benefits. This includes fewer physical meetings since consultations and giving of updates are easily done through the platform. This also means more savings and more time to do more productive things. 


Going back to the brick and mortar kind of businesses days is the old but proven hack that keeps your employees highly motivated. A new and more modern term currently used is gamification. It’s motivating employees to work even more through incentives or rewards. 

The old but still effective one is by posting an employee of the month. This helps boost the morale of the employee and also making a positive and healthy competitive working environment. 

There are also businesses that give paid vacation leaves or others even give all expenses paid vacation. That is such a great way to be motivated, well especially for today’s generation. Not to mention the most classic and basic of them all is through job promotions. Who doesn’t want an increase in pay rate, right? We all do.

Time Management

In this section, we welcome the devil known distraction called procrastination out of the system. It’s quite hard to let go of such bad habits but there are effective and easy ways to lessen or maybe eliminate such. 

Give a little number of tasks to each employee that is realistically possible to accomplish within the specified amount of time. This way you can track how they are doing with that specific task and also make it easier for them to focus and finish it immediately. 

Always take into consideration that the more you give a bunch of tasks means the lesser focus and more demotivated employees can become. It is always better to avoid another bad habit called multi-tasking. 

A more effective and efficient workforce means an easier accomplishment of organizational goals. 

So, if you’re ready to continue on with your work, make sure to save and follow these hacks! Also, follow Jobmofy-Magazine today to receive the latest updates about work, life, and business!

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