How to earn more as a freelancer? That is one of the questions we try to ask whenever we do some freelancing jobs.

Nowadays, almost half of the millennial and Gen-Z population are into online freelancing. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, including the convenience of having to work at home. But most of the time, freelancing is questioned by many because of its pay-rates. This is because freelancing jobs aren’t stable when it comes to pay-rates because some online freelancing jobs offer more pay than most. 

Unstable pay-rates are one of the common problems that every freelancer faces, and there’s no denying that! But just like any problem, there’s always a solution! So, if you’re one of the freelancers who are struggling to earn more per work, this blog is definitely for you!

Here are 4 essential tips to help you earn more as a freelancer this year!

Focus on high-paying jobs that fit you. 

Over time, you will learn which jobs pay more without taking more time, and which jobs take a lot of time or spiritual energy but don’t pay well. There are times that this has to do with the job you’re in, and sometimes, it is due to a problematic client.

You don’t have to rely solely on your intuition to decide which jobs are high return on your investment of time and mental energy and which ones don’t. Document your customer experience on the go. Take notes on how you communicate before and during the engagement. That way, you can see patterns between clients you can work with and clients you can’t.

Optimize your workflow with processes

To earn more as a freelancer, you should deal to yourself that time is “literally” money. The more you create and streamline your workflow processes, the more you can accomplish in less time. If you are eliminating low-value jobs, eliminating busy work is just as important. As you work on projects, identify each project’s repeating tasks and create a structure that makes replication easier and faster.

Start a side project or produce your services for extra income

Many side projects can serve as a passive source of income. Good examples are illustrators or photographers who upload their work for a license on a stock website like Creative Market or Shutterstock. These side projects are a great way to generate additional income without ditching your original work.

Find more clients/customers

They know you need to cut out low-value jobs and focus on the ones that will earn you the highest pay and have the most significant impact. But how do you like them? One approach is to search for job postings on platforms like Facebook groups or other job boards. You must develop your brand and reputation in the community where you are trying to find work. You can also search for the types of jobs you want to attract. That way, you create a portfolio of clients without all the work.

Focus on the value you create for customers to make your profile stand out. Include examples of your best past work with your most valuable clients. Clients want to see that you were easy to work with, that you met deadlines, and did good quality work.

Final Tip

Our final tip for you is to keep yourself motivated! Make sure you’re always motivated to keep your productivity going, whatever day it may be! 

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