Having to increase organic traffic is probably the hardest thing you would have to do as an online entrepreneur. But like everything else, there are always two ways to go about this. That is, you can do it the wrong way, or the right way.

If you want immediate satisfaction, you can go about building your website the wrong way. Also known as black hat SEO, this practice goes against standard search engine guidelines. Black hat techniques include using private link networks, keyword stuffing, cloaking, and of course, poor content.

Growing organic traffic through white hat SEO does not only mean growing traffic the right way. It also means that you optimize content for humans, and not search engines.

The following strategies will not just help you improve your traffic, it also guarantees an increase in your investment.

Perform research.

Before you even create your website, you have to do research first. Do thorough studies about the product or service you want to offer. What’s your target market? Niche? Are you only offering your services locally? Or are you planning to go on a worldwide scale? Who are your competitors? Where do they currently stand? After all, a soldier would never go into battle without his ammunition.

Create a keyword database.

To make sure that your website gets the proper optimization it needs, you have to find the right keywords. Your content will depend greatly on the keywords you find. Typically, keywords with high search volume and low competition are ideal. Especially if you want to rank easily.

Once you start researching keywords, collate them in a database so you can easily refer to them at any time. After all, having a prior list of keywords makes creating content easier.

Answer problems, provide solutions.

You’re done with your research, and you’ve compiled your list. Now is the time to create your content. In creating your website’s content, the key is to create those of meaningful quality. Moreover, quality content attracts more readers, and more readers mean an increase in traffic.

If your website aims to sell a product, write content that has something to do with that specific product. Answer any question a customer may have regarding that product. Alternately, you can highlight one of your product’s characteristics. The goal is to make customers want to buy whatever you are selling.

This holds the same for services. Tell the people why they have to hire a—for example—termite home inspector, and why should they hire from you.

These are just some of the things you can do to increase organic traffic to your website.

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