Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a method of directing traffic to a certain website by using specific keywords so that it would appear in the search results of a search engine such as Google.  Sites that have high traffic means the site is visited by a lot of people. And a website that receives higher traffic has a greater possibility of getting more sales.

There are a number of SEO techniques, and one of them is white hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques focus on building traffic and content. That means the keywords selected are significant and should be connected directly to the content of the website.

If you plan on creating a website and investing in it long-term, here are some SEO techniques that you should [probably] follow:

Use keywords

When creating content, it is easy to tag it using unrelated keywords. For example, an article focused on yellow kettles can be tagged with keywords such as yellow, kitchen, kettle, yellow kettle, teapot, tea, and coffee. These tags may lead to traffic to your website. But since the content is solely about yellow kettles, including the tea and coffee tags is taking things a bit too far. Unless you are specifically talking about ‘Yellow Kettles to Boil Your Tea and Coffee In’, it is best if they are left out.

There is such a thing as keyword stuffing. This refers to the excessive use of unnecessary keywords and focuses more on directing traffic rather than giving meaningful content. Since white hat SEO also gives importance to meaningful content, make sure that the keywords you use are not just present but are closely related to your content.

Backlink your website

A backlink is a link found on another website that directs back to your own. Most search engines consider websites with more backlinks as more relevant. Backlinks can also mean that the website is quite popular. Thus, having a good amount of backlinks can boost your website’s ranking. Creating backlinks can also help in building links. In SEO, this is a good thing. The more links you build, the more you improve your website’s SEO relevance.

A lot of websites use SEO because the internet has proven to be a lucrative source of income. However, not all websites are there to provide meaningful content. A lot are created just to generate income. So, if you want to build your website’s SEO value, consider following these two techniques.

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